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Feb 19, 2017

It’s been a busy last year and a half.

School has been taking up the vast majority of my time. I changed up my major/minor status a bit, and decided I am going to go to grad school. Probably for bioinformatics, though I’m open to exploring other data science possibilities. I’m going to be doing a few data visualization research projects here in the next few weeks, and I’m starting to become more and more interested in that aspect of science. (It’s the designer in me.)

Unfortunately school has left me with less time for creative endeavors. I have still been doing things, but not keeping up with styling them/photographing them/showing them off. I also haven’t been knitting very much in the last year or so, only a few small things for myself. I sort of burnt myself out last winter making everyone gifts, and also fucked up my shoulder. When I’m hunched over in school taking notes/on the computer all the time my shoulder doesn’t feel so great and knitting/crocheting immediately makes it worse. So motivation for that has been low lately, but I think this is a temporary lull. (I also think that the general lack of exciting designs that I’ve seen on Ravelry in the last year has contributed to my lack of feeling creative/inspired in that department. The knitting world in general feels like it’s in a lull right now, but that’s probably just be me hardcore projecting my own feelings onto the whole thing.)

Also contributing to the fact that I’m knitting less is that I started getting into new hobbies: hobby electronics. Shortly after my last post (in August of last year) I started getting into E-Textiles. I made a little scarf from some supplies that a local maker space gave me to experiment with in exchange for them being able to keep the scarf and show it off to people and I got super pulled into the whole Arduino/Adafruit/Processing world. So here are some of the projects I’ve worked on during the holiday and summer breaks over the last year or so.

LED Wearables

For Oregon Country Fair this year I put together a pretty nifty costume. I made a crop top with an LED matrix.

Still of Shirt Rainbow Mode Animated

I also made some sweet ass light up horns.

Horns animated

And I used some old costume pieces to put together this sort of Sorceress deal.

Neon rainbow magic

I also wore this costume to a medieval-ish-themed feast I went to with my sissies.

Party girls

And I reprogrammed it with creepy green lights for my halloween costume, and did some nifty looking makeup to become a Lich.

Halloween Makeup Halloween Animated

The LED shirt was pretty challenging and fun to make. I learned a lot and realized some things I’d do differently in the future, but am overall very satisfied with how it came out. I hand soldered tiny little individual 5050rgb LEDs into a flexible matrix, and while it took forever I am very glad I did.

The wire harness

It is very flexible and has held up very well so far to wear and tear. Originally I had made this vest, and I had used stainless steel yarn to sew all of the LEDs. But it was kind of a disaster. The LEDs would short out all of the time, and the ones at the end of the line were much less bright/would do weird things with colors because of resistance in the stainless steel. Thats why I upgraded to soldering a wire harness, it works out a lot better in the long run.

My original LED creation


As can be seen in some of the above photos, I have also gotten into some art makeup (because the makeup world is crazy right now, I have been ~influenced~) I go through phases of being more or less enthusiastic about doing crazy makeup, but here are a few of the looks that I’ve done that I really like. Obviously I’m not about to be instagram famouse with my makeup skills, but I really enjoy being able to do it for myself or a friend for special occasions, or like, a Monday when I’m feeling extra sassy.

Galaxy Makeup Gothy Makeup Rainbow Gothy Makeup Insertion sort makeup Rainbow hair and green makeup More subtle but cool makeup Toxic makeup Valentines day makeup

Pi Grrl

I bought an Adafruit Pi Grrl kit and made it. I 3d printed the case at the local maker space. It was an awesome experience and I used it to learn how to solder and put all these components together, and it was fun to learn how to use the 3d printers. The finished product was pretty underwhelming. I don’t even know that I took a picture of the final thing. It worked–you could totally load it and play games. But it wasn’t fun to hold or play at all! It was satisfying to finish but the ABS plastic made it feel pretty cheap, and I think I must have messed some circuit up in my rookie status because while you could play games you couldn’t press more than one of the round buttons at a time, so trying to play SNES games was impossible because you couldn’t run or do anything besides like walk and jump.

I recently picked up a new little case for the raspberry pi and transferred it to that. I’ll recycle the other components into some other project, and I still haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to use the pi for but I’m excited to have it to SOMEDAY mess around with.

Pi Grrl Starting Pi Grrl Innards

Doll Makeup

One of my weirder miniature obsessive moments that I quickly got over was last summer when I decided I wanted to get into doll makeovers. I got so far as to half make over one Monster High doll and then got on with life. But she has a pretty cool looking face I guess.

Monster high makeover Monster high makeover side view

New Electronic Toy

I bought my nephews Adafruit’s MiniPOV kit for Christmas, and I got myself one too. Partially so that I could put one together before I tried to sit down with them to do it, and partly because I just wanted one. This thing is sooo much fun. I dont’ really know what I’m doing with the photography yet, but I really am looking forward to experimenting with light painting and stuff, because its very much up my alley and with my sweet little programmable toy I can see making a lot of fun things. The boys also (I think) had a lot of fun putting theirs together. It was really fun watching them learn to solder, they both picked up on it very quickly and I was very impressed.

Mini POV Creation Me dorky light painting Franki with light painting

Festival Tent

I actually made this ages back, I think I even made it before my last blog post in the summer of 2015. I’d like to paint on it some more (probably some like geometric rainbow shit) because there is still a lot of white space on it, but it’s pretty rad. The bird is painted with glow in the dark paint on some parts, so if you run a flash light across it it looks pretty cool. It’s very small, so its a very cozy fit for two people but I do most of my festival camping solo anyway so it works. It’s not super weather proof, because I had summer festivals (namely OCF) in mind when I made it, but last year it was super rainy at OCF so I am probably also going to come up with some plans to weather proof it a bit more. It can handle a light rain no problem, but deluges are more worrisome.

Tent with a bird on it

A lot of people think it’s a crow for some reason. I wouldn’t expect most people to know what a pitohui is, but it’s funny to me that people default to crow rather than assume that it’s just some kind of bird they don’t recognize. (Which is definitely what I would do because I am really bad at identifying birds.)


I have been working on campus for the last year and a half doing web development.. I designed and help to develop the website for the magazine they send out to alumni. This was a good learning experience as I had to learn AngularJS and how to import things like JSON data (which is populated from Drupal) so I have got lots of new good skills from that. I’ve also done some of the development on some of the campus websites. It’s been pretty good all around. I won’t pretend like I don’t wish it paid a little more (definitely a big pay cut from some of the other jobs I’ve had in recent years) but I can’t complain about the great learning opportunities for obtaining useful skillsets it has provided. It’s also very convenient working on campus.

I also taught a coding class to middle schoolers on campus, along with two other women. I’ll be teaching more classes on my own this summer in coding and also some Arduino art projects, which I’m looking forward to. I learned a lot from this first class (which is my first time ever teaching anything in a formal setting, and first time working with kids this age) and I have a lot of ideas for improving the lesson plans going forward. It was pretty cool though.

Onward and forward

I have many electronic projects in mind that I plan on making over the Spring/Summer, so maybe in a year or two I’ll post about those. I’ll also be graduating either in the Fall or Winter, so I’m sure in the time period after that and before I start grad school I’ll have some time to get lots of cool projects done. Til next time!

Python Sweater Pattern

Aug 30, 2015

A few weeks ago I finished a knitting pattern I had been working on since earlier this spring.

Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason

You can buy this pattern on Ravelry, if you want.

The special thing about this sweater, as stated in its Ravelry description, is that all of the shaping is done on the back only. This pulls the front around one’s body in a very flattering way, and also allows one to direct focus in only one complicated thing at a time: the shaping when working on the back/sleeves, and the patterning when working on the front.

Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason

This is the pattern I wrote in Python, as a sort of learning project/way to practice the language, which is why I named it Python. My program is nothing to write home about, but it does the calculations just great! I’m really stoked in the idea of writing patterns this way, though knowing what I know now the next time I start a new design I’m going to go about things a little differently.

I’m not throwing the program completely to the wayside just yet, nor this general design. I’m actually currently working on recreating a very similar sweater in crochet. I’m not going to make it the exact same sweater–the front isn’t going to be the same at all, it’s going to be something new and interesting in crocheted design (maybe lace? maybe not interesting at all, but just plain? still tbd.) The back is going to have the same shaping, but fashion shaping (where the increases & decreases are visible) in crochet isn’t nearly as interesting to me as it is in knitting so all of the decreasing and increasing will be done at the edges only. I’m also going to modify the neckline slightly, and do something a little different with the collar.

Overall, I am really really satisfied with the shaping of this sweater, and I really think it’s high time I released an adult crochet pattern. I have plenty of crocheted baby sweater designs, but I consider myself a knitter and crocheter in equal measure (or at least, NEARLY equal measure) and I haven’t designed a single accessory or garment for crochet. Not to mention there is, generally speaking, a huge gap in the number of interesting/non-hideous crochet sweater patterns as compared to knitting patterns. There are definitely some jewels out there in the crochet world, I don’t want to come across as not recgonizing that. But there are far less jewels than in the knitting space, and I think a big part of what is lacking in the crochet design spaces is straight forward garments that are flattering and not overly fancy. There are a lot of awesome and interesting things you can do with crochet, but if you’re clothing aesthetic tends to lean towards the “plain, but with close attention to detail” there just isn’t very much. I think this could possibly be due to people’s general lack of interest in crocheting row after row of half double, but I also feel like there’s just not enough of that being put out into the world. There are legion of knitters who love doing nothing but row after row of stockinette or garter, so there must be crocheters who are down for miles of half double. I know I’m down for miles of half double. It creates great looking fabric, and is easy to do while otherwise semi distracted with movies or podcasts or whatever.

Went on a bit of a tangent there, but yes. This is a new design by me, I am very very happy with it, I love love love wearing this sweater, and I’m looking forward to squeezing at least a little bit more use out of the program I wrote to do all the calculations before throwing it onto the “learning experiment” digital scrap heap hehe.

In other news, I may have some new hobbies on the horizon. More on that soon. I also have a big project I worked on earlier this summer that I would like to get on here, as I am very proud of how it came out, but it requires a little bit of setup/cleaning up from actual use, and I haven’t had the motivation to get it photographed just yet. I will hopefully get around to it soon. I’ve been very very motivated to be making things recently, though school is going to be starting back up very soon and it’s going to be funny to see how I end up balancing creative time with studying this quarter. I haven’t really been getting into gear at all, though I have a feeling in the next week or two getting reorganized for that part of life is going to be kicking into high gear.

Grandparents Anniversary

Aug 1, 2015

This year my grandparents will have been married for 50 years. I made this little invitation to the celebration we are throwing for them. You probably don’t know my grandparents, but this is a very accurate portrayal of them on any given day hanging out around the house.

Grandparent's Anniversary

To be clear, I am not inviting you. ;)

Finals week

Jun 8, 2015

It’s finals week! And last night I came down with a nasty ass cold, so that’s fun. I’m feeling optimistic, though, as my final today isn’t until late this afternoon which gives me plenty of time to take it easy and hopefully feel a skosh better. Also, it’s my computer science final and not to brag (but to totally brag in the most shameless possible way) I currently have 100.4% in that class so I think I’m in pretty good shape despite any mental grogginess that may accompany me on my test.

Tomorrow’s test is the only one I’m ‘worried’ about (I’m not actually much of a worrier about anything, it’s just the one that I’m studying for the most) because it is in calculus, and my grade in the class is currently teetering on the edge between an A- and a B+. Whether I can nudge it towards the A will actually very much depend on whether I can manage to get an A on the final or not, and since I’ve only gotten an A (a low a) on 1/3 of the exams and quizzes, whether or not I’ll actually be able to do it is a little up in the air. I have been doing lots of practice problems and review, however, and I am feeling generally very comfortable with integral calculus at this point. What it will basically come down to is if I can manage to not make enough careless mistakes (like randomly switching x-1 to 1-x halfway through the problem, or calculating the area of a cylinder instead of the area of what is clearly a cone) that the partial point deductions don’t take me below 91%. I really wouldn’t mind getting that A-, as it would mean I’d have gotten all A’s this quarter, and that would be siiiiiick.

It’s been an awesome quarter, I’ve really been loving being back in school and sucking up all this knowledge. It makes me all excited about the world around me and eager to continue with the sequences I have started. I’m also taking Physics in the fall, and that is going to be pretty mind blowing I’m sure.

In the meantime I decided not to take classes over the summer, and I am very glad that I did decide that because it will be very nice to enjoy the fun things I’m going to be doing like visiting my mom (unfortunately under unhappy circumstances, but I will be glad to be spending time with her nonetheless), going to OCF, stringband jamboree, etc, without having the worry that I should also be studying or work my schedule around tests and whatnot. I’ll also be working a ton this summer, which will be a good boost to the finances since I’m now spending a bunch of money on tuition. Happily, I won a scholarship so one of my quarters will be covered by that next year, which is fabulous. Then in the fall it will be nose to the grindstone again, as I’m not planning on skimping on units any more than I did this quarter.

Now I’m off to do a little more studying, as well as some zoning out and taking it easy before I head off to start my week of testing.

Back to School & Python

Apr 5, 2015

I got through my first week of school! Yusss. So far I definitely feel old above all else. On Friday I was flanked by two young men (and by men I mean ~19 year olds) in one of my lecture classes, both texting the whole class. shakes head Oh, youngn’s.

Maybe I’m being optimistic, but I think it’s going to be a fairly easy quarter. I’m enrolled in quite a few credits (18 to be precise) but a lot of what I’m taking is pretty much review, so mostly I think it’s going to be about time management for various assignments. And time management is something I have become a pro at in the last two years.

I’m taking Calc II, which will have some new content but so far has just been stuff I know. I’m taking Chem, which I already technically have credit for, but figured I might as well take since I haven’t taken it since high school. And now that we’re getting into the content I’m finding I actually remember quite a lot of it. So mostly review. And for Bio, that is really the only class that’s going to be primarily new stuff, but nothing in the syllabus looks too scary or completely unfamiliar.

I’m also taking one of the two computer science courses that will be necessary to open up all the other classes for my major. I heard from a friend that the course would be teaching Python, so I sneakily went and starting learning Python a few weeks ago. In fact, I’ve already started writing a program! I’m currently designing my next sweater pattern, and I thought that writing up a program to do all the math would be not only a perfect way to get some Python under my belt, but to save me the headache that is designing patterns in spreadsheets.

programming a pattern outputter thing

It has been going so great. Every time I learn a new thing that will be some kind of shortcut for what I’m doing it’s like I can actually feel the lightbulb in my head going off and the gears clicking into place. I also am really liking Python. I’ve been dabling in some other languages, and so far I can see why Python has a lot of appeal for many poeple.

It is a very exciting process. And honestly, I find writing patterns this way makes a ton of sense. It all follows the same logical structure of the final pattern, and when the math isn’t coming out right it’s way easier to track down why when using variables and written out calculations than it has ever been (for me at least) to track down which C8-C16 - H8-H15 * B2 spreadsheet row calculation is doing what wrong. I’ve always dreaded needing to go back to old pattern spreadsheets after any amount of time has passed (even though I heavily comment my spreadsheets) because it’s a nightmare trying to figure out what I was doing. I feel like going back to something like this program is not really much more work than just reading over the pattern.

In short, it’s awesome.

And even though my program is verrrry very basic and there are things that I know for a fact could be done better (it’s kind of hard to figure out the best way to do something when you don’t even have the vocabulary to articulate a search for what you want to accomplish) I’m very glad I decided to jump on in with it.

It has definitely also served to make me feel very prepared in my programming class. We haven’t had a lab yet, but in the lecture there hasn’t been anything covered this week that I’m not already very comfortable with, which is a nice feeling. My biggest fear going back to school is that I would end up bumbling along like a total n00b, especially in my programming class. I am feeling really good right now because though I’m amply prepared for the course, there’s still a ton I’m going to get out of it as I go along as I’ve really only scratched the surface in my own program. I also really like having this program to work on as I’m in the class too, because it gives me a great way to contextualize new things that I’m going to be learning. Just the other day I learned that the // operator exists, which when I saw it my face actually lit up and I was like wiggling in my chair because it’s the perfect operator for a knitting program. I actually couldn’t wait to get home and put it in place of all my int(a/b) scenarios haha… Neeeerd.

It has been a little overwhelming getting back into such a structured schedule after having so much freedom to make my own in the last few years (getting up at 6:30 am has only really been a possibility for me thanks to early sunrises, if I had started in Fall I’m pretty sure I just wouldn’t have managed to get out of bed the first day.) but I’m actually really glad to be so busy. I’ve been floundering about for the last year or so without any real sense of purpose or direction, and now I have both of those things in a really big way and it’s been noticeably affecting my mood, confidence, and overall attitude.

Yaay for making good decisions, Stephanie.

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