Stephanie Mason Design

Stephanie Mason

My name is Stephanie Mason. I am a designer, a maker, and a student. I design things like knitting patterns and websites. I make things like clothes, artwork, and e-textiles. I am also (back) in school getting a (new) degree in Biology/Mathematics with Computer Science and Chemistry minors. I also have a BA in Linguistics.

(If it wasn’t obvious, I want to do all of the things.)

I have obtained expert status in the fields of knitting, crochet, sewing, HTML, CSS, and Photoshop. I’m pretty good at a lot of other stuff too, like Python, Java, Javascript, AngularJS, simple circuitry, and studying science. I’m terrible at carpentry and not very good at holding conversation in large groups of people. But, I’m easy to get to know one on one.

In case you were curious, I made this website with jekyll