A few weeks ago I finished a knitting pattern I had been working on since earlier this spring.

Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason

You can buy this pattern on Ravelry, if you want.

The special thing about this sweater, as stated in its Ravelry description, is that all of the shaping is done on the back only. This pulls the front around one’s body in a very flattering way, and also allows one to direct focus in only one complicated thing at a time: the shaping when working on the back/sleeves, and the patterning when working on the front.

Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason Python Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Mason

This is the pattern I wrote in Python, as a sort of learning project/way to practice the language, which is why I named it Python. My program is nothing to write home about, but it does the calculations just great! I’m really stoked in the idea of writing patterns this way, though knowing what I know now the next time I start a new design I’m going to go about things a little differently.

I’m not throwing the program completely to the wayside just yet, nor this general design. I’m actually currently working on recreating a very similar sweater in crochet. I’m not going to make it the exact same sweater–the front isn’t going to be the same at all, it’s going to be something new and interesting in crocheted design (maybe lace? maybe not interesting at all, but just plain? still tbd.) The back is going to have the same shaping, but fashion shaping (where the increases & decreases are visible) in crochet isn’t nearly as interesting to me as it is in knitting so all of the decreasing and increasing will be done at the edges only. I’m also going to modify the neckline slightly, and do something a little different with the collar.

Overall, I am really really satisfied with the shaping of this sweater, and I really think it’s high time I released an adult crochet pattern. I have plenty of crocheted baby sweater designs, but I consider myself a knitter and crocheter in equal measure (or at least, NEARLY equal measure) and I haven’t designed a single accessory or garment for crochet. Not to mention there is, generally speaking, a huge gap in the number of interesting/non-hideous crochet sweater patterns as compared to knitting patterns. There are definitely some jewels out there in the crochet world, I don’t want to come across as not recgonizing that. But there are far less jewels than in the knitting space, and I think a big part of what is lacking in the crochet design spaces is straight forward garments that are flattering and not overly fancy. There are a lot of awesome and interesting things you can do with crochet, but if you’re clothing aesthetic tends to lean towards the “plain, but with close attention to detail” there just isn’t very much. I think this could possibly be due to people’s general lack of interest in crocheting row after row of half double, but I also feel like there’s just not enough of that being put out into the world. There are legion of knitters who love doing nothing but row after row of stockinette or garter, so there must be crocheters who are down for miles of half double. I know I’m down for miles of half double. It creates great looking fabric, and is easy to do while otherwise semi distracted with movies or podcasts or whatever.

Went on a bit of a tangent there, but yes. This is a new design by me, I am very very happy with it, I love love love wearing this sweater, and I’m looking forward to squeezing at least a little bit more use out of the program I wrote to do all the calculations before throwing it onto the “learning experiment” digital scrap heap hehe.

In other news, I may have some new hobbies on the horizon. More on that soon. I also have a big project I worked on earlier this summer that I would like to get on here, as I am very proud of how it came out, but it requires a little bit of setup/cleaning up from actual use, and I haven’t had the motivation to get it photographed just yet. I will hopefully get around to it soon. I’ve been very very motivated to be making things recently, though school is going to be starting back up very soon and it’s going to be funny to see how I end up balancing creative time with studying this quarter. I haven’t really been getting into gear at all, though I have a feeling in the next week or two getting reorganized for that part of life is going to be kicking into high gear.