It’s finals week! And last night I came down with a nasty ass cold, so that’s fun. I’m feeling optimistic, though, as my final today isn’t until late this afternoon which gives me plenty of time to take it easy and hopefully feel a skosh better. Also, it’s my computer science final and not to brag (but to totally brag in the most shameless possible way) I currently have 100.4% in that class so I think I’m in pretty good shape despite any mental grogginess that may accompany me on my test.

Tomorrow’s test is the only one I’m ‘worried’ about (I’m not actually much of a worrier about anything, it’s just the one that I’m studying for the most) because it is in calculus, and my grade in the class is currently teetering on the edge between an A- and a B+. Whether I can nudge it towards the A will actually very much depend on whether I can manage to get an A on the final or not, and since I’ve only gotten an A (a low a) on 1/3 of the exams and quizzes, whether or not I’ll actually be able to do it is a little up in the air. I have been doing lots of practice problems and review, however, and I am feeling generally very comfortable with integral calculus at this point. What it will basically come down to is if I can manage to not make enough careless mistakes (like randomly switching x-1 to 1-x halfway through the problem, or calculating the area of a cylinder instead of the area of what is clearly a cone) that the partial point deductions don’t take me below 91%. I really wouldn’t mind getting that A-, as it would mean I’d have gotten all A’s this quarter, and that would be siiiiiick.

It’s been an awesome quarter, I’ve really been loving being back in school and sucking up all this knowledge. It makes me all excited about the world around me and eager to continue with the sequences I have started. I’m also taking Physics in the fall, and that is going to be pretty mind blowing I’m sure.

In the meantime I decided not to take classes over the summer, and I am very glad that I did decide that because it will be very nice to enjoy the fun things I’m going to be doing like visiting my mom (unfortunately under unhappy circumstances, but I will be glad to be spending time with her nonetheless), going to OCF, stringband jamboree, etc, without having the worry that I should also be studying or work my schedule around tests and whatnot. I’ll also be working a ton this summer, which will be a good boost to the finances since I’m now spending a bunch of money on tuition. Happily, I won a scholarship so one of my quarters will be covered by that next year, which is fabulous. Then in the fall it will be nose to the grindstone again, as I’m not planning on skimping on units any more than I did this quarter.

Now I’m off to do a little more studying, as well as some zoning out and taking it easy before I head off to start my week of testing.