Woo! So the last time I was on here, I talked about how I was going to be launching a new website soon… Well the day has come and 100 Baby Sweater Patterns (dot com) is live today! Exciting! I have been spending the vast majority of my time on this project, and will be spending quite a lot of it on this in the future as well. I really suggest you check it out. Even if you’re not into baby patterns, you should follow the blog on there because I’ll be doing a lot of relevant knitting and crochet tutorials and other great content that is non-baby related.


This does mean that I’m going to be continuing to be on semi hiatus here at Un Petit Squab. I’m not fully abandoning this blog, but I do have some ideas as to how I want to change it here in the future and its going to take awhile before I’m organized enough to go about implementing those changes and being able to dedicate more time to things here. In the meanwhile you can still find me on all of the social media sites (that I also tend to neglect haha), and of course at 100babysweaterpatterns.com. Fun times!