Aglaope - Lace Hooded Scarf

Designed by Stephanie Mason, Modeled by Erica Davidson

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Aglaope, the siren with the beautiful face. Just like your beautiful face, which will be perfectly accented by this lovely hooded scarf. A chevron lace pattern follows the hood and scarf down, down, down, or around, around, around if you choose to wear it more like a cowl. The end of the scarf has buttonholes worked right in to keep the ends in their place, to give you that option. Or you can leave the ends dangling whilst being draped around your neck, for a more traditional scarf look. I’m sure you already know how many ways one can style a hooded scarf. My favorite: pair it with a jacket to look like you have the fanciest hoodie ever on underneath.

Hooded Scarf- Worn as Cowl

Both the scarf and hood in this pattern are cast on provisionally in the middle, and knit out towards the end to create perfect symmetry. The hood is seamed onto the scarf after both are knit, and the edging is picked up and knit afterward. On the front end, decreases are worked to create a nice mitered corner between the hood and the scarf, so you don’t have a wonky loose edge.

As she is knit with fingering weight wool, you can easily make Aglaope in that beautiful hand dyed sock yarn you’ve been wondering what to do with. Or try it with a lacier yarn to create a gossamer dream of head and neck engulfing beauty and comfort. A perfect spring time accessory, it will help stave off the last of the cold drafts, while still being light and stylish enough to wear on the sunnier days with a pret ty dress. Enjoy!

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Aglaope - Hooded Scarf